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Newspaper CatWhat is going on in the world of Welwyn Hatfield Cats Protection? Here’s the place to find out!

Going on Holiday?

08 August 2017

Home-stay vs. cattery - what are your options? Going on holiday should be a time for relaxing and forgetting your worries, but when you have a cat that isn’t going with you, arranging its care in your absence can be a stressful time. If you’ve never left your cat before, knowing what the best option is can be tricky, with no way of predicting how he or she will cope. When planning your cat’s care, the less upheaval the better. This isn’t always achievable but forward ...

The Importance of Microchips

01 May 2017

In the winter edition of our newsletter we had an article about a cat, Lou Lou, who was returned to her owners four years after she went missing as a result of the information on her microchip.In the latest edition we have another tale of Jake, who also went missing and who was also reunited with his owner because he had a microchip, but sadly we also have the story of a young mum who is not chipped and wecannot readily locate her owners.Last year, we were able...

Welwyn Hatfield District Branch Helps to Raise Profile of Unlicensed Kitten Market to Government

30 October 2016

As always, the branch is inundated with stray cats, unwanted cats, pregnant cats, kittens, more kittens….it is never ending. There are so many cats out there, in our and many other charities, that need loving homes, yet there are those who breed their cats, over and over, to make money. The Government is currently reviewing various laws that licence activities involving animals. This ...

August Neutering Promotion Success!

21 September 2016

We are delighted to announce that for the second year running we have had a successful Summer Neutering promotion. 36 responsible owners contacted us asking for our assistance in neutering their cats or kittens. As a direct result of our campaign, 49 cats will have been neutered, saving them from potential health problems in the future. Many people believe that a female cat should be allowed to have kittens, but if you ask why, most won’t know. ...

Skin problems in cats

30 July 2016

When our skin feels irritated, we will itch and scratch until it starts to hurt or the irritation subsides. This is the same for cats except that, whereas we know when to stop, cats will scratch themselves until they are red raw.Far from helping the situation, excessive scratching, licking of affected areas only exacerbates the problems and may cause secondary bacterial infections to develop. It’s a vi-cious cycle of self-harm. Cats with skin complaints may dis-play lesions, flaky skin, ...

Cats in Season

02 May 2016

The sun is out, the skies are blue and the daffodils are blooming; spring is well and truly here, but for cat owners whose queens are unspayed, the coming of spring was prob-ably announced in a different way – with high-pitched ‘calling,’ urine spraying and more affection than usual. Generally speaking, the feline heat cycle begins in March and lasts through to September. A female cat that is un-spayed will usually be in heat every 2-3 weeks throughout the season, unless she ...

Rita loses 1 of her 9 lives

09 October 2014

A lucky Hatfield cat survived losing one of its nine lives in collision with a car – but has racked up more than a £1000 bill for the heroes who came to her rescue. The cat was taken to Village Vets in Hatfield Garden Village on August 15 by a concerned member of the public who had found her in Chelwood Avenue in the Birchwood area of Hatfield. The animal was in shock and vets believed she would not survive – X-rays showed she had a smashed pelvis and a broken ...

Tripod Triumph

10 August 2014

A cat who was at the vets to have a leg amputated was taken home by the vet to care for whilst he convalesced. Regrettably, the cat managed to escape his temporary convalescence home and the distressed vet called our helpline for assistance. Posters were made, distributed and put up around the area he had escaped from. Surely someone would spot a very distinctive three-legged cat? From various sightings reported by kindly members of the public a couple of traps were set up. Whilst out ...

Suspected poisoning in Nursery Hill, WGC

07 August 2014

A cat was picked up today by the RSPCA from Nursery Hill, Welwyn Garden City and taken to the vets where it was thought that the cat had been poisoned, probably with anti-freeze. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do to save the cat and it was therefore put to sleep. If anyone sees a cat in distress around this area please either get the cat to the vets as soon as possible or call our helpline on 0845 3711855 immediately so that our Welfare Officer ...