Hilda's Half Hour

What a summer it has been. My human and I have come a long way in bonding and getting used to each other. I now help in the kitchen to ensure our dinner does not escape from the oven. My favourites are chicken legs and lemon sole. I also love salmon and fried beef mince, which looks as if I am eating worms. Ha ha ha ... I did eat one in the garden in fact. I realised, however, that there are differences in food. Somehow, the human portion is more attractive to what is in my bowl. Needless to say, a cat has to do what a cat has to do. So, being blind does not in the slightest hinder me from stealing food off the plate of my human or raid the bin!

I climb on the sofa and bed easily and now ask for more and more cuddles. The vet was terribly proud hearing that I had made a dash for the open window to get up and see where the fresh air comes from. My human also made a dash to ensure I didn't fall out and get lost! The other night, I slept for the first time on top of my human. Otherwise, I prefer her pillow and stick my bum into her face!

We are in training for Halloween, and I practise being a witch's cat. I sit on my human's shoulder and give lots of kisses.

A most wonderful thing was to discover Mozart's music. My human played me a piano concerto and I loved it! She now frequently plays them to me and I sit listening attentively. I don't like Schubert's pi-ano works though; my attention span is not long enough for it all, but I enjoy it, curl up in a small fur ball and nap peacefully.
Oh, before I go, I now also have a Facebook page: Hilda - adventures of a blind cat, where my fans can follow.

Sending you all a big kiss with my little tongue out!

Hilda xx