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August Neutering Promotion Success!

21 September 2016
We are delighted to announce that for the second year running we have had a successful Summer Neutering promotion. 36 responsible owners contacted us asking for our assistance in neutering their cats or kittens. As a direct result of our campaign, 49 cats will have been neutered, saving them from potential health problems in the future. Many people believe that a female cat should be allowed to have kittens, but if you ask why, most won’t know. That’s because it’s an old wives’ tale – it’s not true.

Until you’ve had her spayed, your cat will want to go outside and mate. But it isn’t because she wants to have babies; it’s just her hormones making her feel that way and she doesn’t know that it will lead to her becoming a mum.
If she does have kittens, you will have to buy more cat food, pay their vet bills and find them new homes. While she is looking after kittens she won’t be able to do all the things she loves, like going outside, climbing trees and jumping up high!

Our summer promotion has ensured that 28 female cats, ranging in age from four months to eight years, will nev-er have to have kittens in the future.

A male cat that hasn’t been snipped can be horrible to live with – he’ll make a mess of your house by spraying his urine all over your home to leave his scent, which will stink!

He may come home with nasty wounds from fighting with other tom cats, which could lead to him needing an ex-pensive trip to the vet. He’s also likely to wander long distances to find a female to mate with, putting himself in danger of getting run over and killed on the road. Male cats that haven’t been snipped can also get diseases, like FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which can be spread through bites from fighting.

21 males, ranging in age from four months to two years, will be much less likely to fight and catch FIV.

Do not panic! Our neutering campaign, another of the four strategic aims of Cats Protection, has not ended here. If you missed out on the August promotion and would still like our help to neuter your cat, do contact us by email on info@welwynhatfield.cats.org.uk, or phone us on 0345 371 1855. We will need the following information from you, then we will be able to send a neutering voucher for your cat.

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