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Rita loses 1 of her 9 lives

09 October 2014

A lucky Hatfield cat survived losing one of its nine lives in collision with a car – but has racked up more than a £1000 bill for the heroes who came to her rescue.

The cat was taken to Village Vets in Hatfield Garden Village on August 15 by a concerned member of the public who had found her in Chelwood Avenue in the Birchwood area of Hatfield.

The animal was in shock and vets believed she would not survive – X-rays showed she had a smashed pelvis and a broken tail, nerve damage was also suspected and in addition she was suffering with incontinence.

But the cat’s other eight lives must have kicked in, because after a week the vets noticed that some nerves were working in the tail, and she had regained control of her bladder.

The Welwyn Hatfield District branch of Cats Protection were contacted. The cat, now named Rita, would have to be put to sleep if no funding for further care and recovery could be found.

“We never have a cat put to sleep if there is a chance that it will recover,” said branch Welfare Officer Glenn Currell. After more than five weeks, Rita has now recovered sufficiently that she is in foster care until a permanent home can be found.

But the branch must pay the £1132 bill for Rita’s care – and is appealing for help from the public to cover the cost. “As a young branch, entirely staffed by volunteers and with more than 50 cats and kittens currently in our care, we are dependent on branch fundraising.  We need your help to pay for Rita’s urgent operation, if not for which she would have been in terrible pain and needed to be put to sleep,” said Glenn.

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