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The Importance of Microchips

01 May 2017
In the winter edition of our newsletter we had an article about a cat, Lou Lou, who was returned to her owners four years after she went missing as a result of the information on her microchip.

In the latest edition we have another tale of Jake, who also went missing and who was also reunited with his owner because he had a microchip, but sadly we also have the story of a young mum who is not chipped and we
cannot readily locate her owners.

Last year, we were able to reunite 40 missing cats with their owners, most as a result of their being microchipped.
If you have adopted from us, your cat will have been microchipped, but until last year when you adopted from us you had to register the microchip with the company (Anibase) yourself. Many people disappointingly forgot to register
and their cats are in danger if they go missing.

To increase the number of microchips that are registered, we now do this for all new adopters. However, if you move or change your telephone number, PLEASE let the microchip company know. The microchip is only as useful as the information that the company has.

Sadly, we have recently been made aware of an injured cat that was found by the RSPCA. It had a microchip
but it was never registered; all we know is that it was implanted from our supply. If this was your cat, wouldn’t you want to know what had happened?

To check the information that the microchip company holds about you and your cat, you can find the microchip number on the adoption paperwork or the vaccination card that we gave you. f you can’t find either of these, ask your vet to scan your cat and let you know the number.

You are very welcome to get back in touch with us as we may be able to help you check or register the microchip for you.