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Tripod Triumph

10 August 2014
A cat who was at the vets to have a leg amputated was taken home by the vet to care for whilst he convalesced. Regrettably, the cat managed to escape his temporary convalescence home and the distressed vet called our helpline for assistance. Posters were made, distributed and put up around the area he had escaped from. Surely someone would spot a very distinctive three-legged cat?

From various sightings reported by kindly members of the public a couple of traps were set up. Whilst out checking the traps, Glenn, our Welfare Officer, spotted what he thought was a three legged cat hiding in a bush. On closer investigation it was found to be the missing moggy. Glenn’s partner, Helen was left in situ to keep watch whilst Glenn went to retrieve one of the traps he had left elsewhere. They tempted the cat into a front garden with treats, set the trap and retreated back to the van and waited. Within a very short time the trap snapped shut and the cat, who was no doubt very hungry, was captured. 

The cat was returned to the vets, where his amputation wound was checked but thankfully found to be OK following a course of antibiotics.This lovely tabby cat has now been successfully re-homed in Brighton.

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