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Why you need to microchip your cat

06 August 2014
Why you need to microchip your cat
In March, Glenn, our welfare officer, received a call to say that a cat had been seen ‘hanging around’ the Waitrose store in Welwyn Garden City for a while, could he help? Well of course he could!

He went out and scanned the cat and found, to his delight, that it had been microchipped. He then contacted the microchip company, who in turn gave him the name and telephone number of the owner. He called her as soon as he was able. Between the tears and squeals of delight the lady could not believe that her cat had been found.

Arrangements were made to return the cat to his home. As soon as he entered the house he started purring. There was no doubt that he had returned home.

The owner explained that money was a little tight and that she hadn’t been able to afford to get him neutered yet and that was why he was being kept in. She explained that her family had gone away for Christmas and New Year and had asked someone to stay in her home to look after her cat. He had escaped on Boxing Day and had not been seen since. Her children were distraught, as was she, but they never gave up hope that he would be found.

Our branch paid for him to be neutered and on his return the owner gave us a donation to say thank you.

Remember to tell everyone you know that if for any reason they cannot afford to pay for their cat to be neutered Cats Protection can and will help.

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